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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Decorations . . . 2015

What do you think of our "wall tree?"
Our living room is relatively small and with an outside door, a double door area into the dining room, three windows and a stairway taking up wall space, it was hard to find a place for a normal tree.  When I found this tree, I thought it was perfect, which it is.

All of the decorations have been made by either the kids who live behind us, my great niece and nephew here in New York. Or it is pictures of the great niece in Indiana showing off her "Christmas treasures" from Aunt Paula or, the two very special ones, paw print ornaments made when Nosy and Abby died.

Outside with and without a flash.
And lastly, a close-up of Santa.
Not great, but he makes me smile :)


  1. Like the wall tree! And look how high you can pile the presents. LOL Isn't it great when you find a solution to a difficulty?
    Bring on the treats, the cheer, the songs and all that holiday LOVE...

  2. Love your tree!!! And the red and green gingham-checked curtains along both sides look lovely!! ~tina


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