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Saturday, January 10, 2015

1st Snow of 2015

I had to post this picture first.
It looked like she had been drinking hot chocolate
and got the marshmallow creme all over her upper lip

Here is the 1st sight I saw 
when I let Indy outside Friday morning.
Those things that look like footprints
are her paw prints from her 7:30 am "potty run" with the husband.
Seldom do we have that much snow blow up on the porch.

When we finally got outside
a neighbor had snow blown the sidewalks.
When Indy first goes out in a major snow
she acts like she has to get her bearings back.
It must really bother her scent ability not to be able
to smell the grass to see what has been going on all night
in her "kingdom."

I always kid about living in "the land of butt high snow."
It was almost butt high on Indy when she got into the drifts.

 I think she spent more time 
looking up and down the street
than anything else.

Just a little shot to show you the depth of the snow I shoveled.

Again, here we are . . . 
trying to get a "scent" of what is going on in her kingdom.

On the hunt for bigger and better things . . . LOLOL

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