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Monday, January 5, 2015

A Couple Of Good Things

Good Thing #1
Matthew Von Puddy Cat
She has started snuggling up to me on the sofa.
Doesn't she have the prettiest face?

Good Thing #2
Traditional Holiday Popcorn Tin Popcorn Medley.
I just LOVE them all mixed together
so, when I grab a handful, I never know what :'m getting.

Good Thing #3
Pork Loin, sliced and baked in the crockpot
placed on top of frozen peppers and onions
and topped with apricot marmalade.

Orange and yellow carrots with a brown sugar glaze.

Garlic potatoes with sour cream

Biscuits, fresh from the oven, topped with butter and honey.

Good Thing #4
This is in the oven . . Jiffy Cake Mix Cobbler . . . YUMMY. Haven't had it since we've been in New York . . and that is 8 1/2 years.

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  1. Matthew is very much like Purdy to look at, we are still not sure if she is a boy or girl, we took her to the vets for her operation to remove all internal organs to stop her having kittens, and the vet found none, the vet agreed she was a girl, but more and more she is showing male traits. Either way we love her.


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