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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Leftover Taco/Nacho/Burrito Sandwich

Yes, you read the title right . . . this is a sandwich made from the leftovers from our Nachos last night.
Only thing missing . . .
As I  bit into  it I remembered we had sour cream I could have added on top.
What you see is taco meet,
salsa, ripe olives and shredded Colby-jack cheese.
It was a one time thing in the mid 1970's. A friend and I, both single, would go to each others homes on Pay Day evening and fix something that was too much for one person, or something we had always wanted to try, but couldn't finish by ourselves.

This particular Friday, I made Tacos . . 1 lb of ground beef, lettuce, salsa, ripe olives, guacamole, and anything else I could chop up and put on a taco. When we were finished, we put everything in individual containers for later use. 

On Saturday, I was hungry around lunch time, which doesn't happen all the time, and decided to make a sandwich. Ended up taking plain white bread and toasting it. Then I topped it with the leftovers from the night before. I liked it so much I ate this same sandwich until all of the left overs were gone!

It always amazed me how good it tasted. Today, I changed my ways. We had some very fresh buns, so I used them instead of toast . . . tasted just as good.

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