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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What's Been Going On

Yes, you read that right . . .
Spring IS finally here
and I have photos to share.

Remember, this is what 
my front yard looked like on Feb 15.

Here it is on March 16.

I told the husband
that our "cemetery"
(the piece of yard between the sidewalk and driveway)
has gone from a full head of hair to a Mohawk :)

This is how Matthew and I spend our nights.

It has become an evening ritual . . . 
TV watching, checking the computer
and Matthew snuggling up with me.

Not to be left out

Marcus has to check out what's going on.
She isn't as "snuggly" as Matthew
but to get her to even visit
is a major accomplishment.

Then we have Miss Indy . . . 

Somebody was giving their Momma the "raspberries."
Need I tell you she has quite the personality?

And look at this . . . 

who, in their right mind
would sleep like tis?

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  1. Everyone looks snug, our cats won't go out if it is wet, can't say about the snow, we never have that much.


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