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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hubby's Poor Body

We had planned on being moved next week . . 1st Week of November. I mean we bought the house in Indiana the 1st week of Sept and thought that two months would be enough time to get ready and move.

NOT ! ! ! !

The hubby's body has decided to play with him. It started in July with some abdominal pains. Nothing much, I figured it was ulcers because he was so stressed over the move.

It got worse the beginning of Sept when we got back from Indiana. FINALLY, he decided to go to the doctor . . well, the physician's assistant in our doctor's office.

She sent him for an ultrasound . . . which led to an MCRP (MRI specifically looking at the gall bladder, pancreas and liver. This led to yesterday . . an ERCP (a scope sent through the throat to the area that needs looked at) as an outpatient at Kenmore Mercy.

His bile duct was extremely dilated so they had to cut it to get the gall stone out that was lodge in the duct. They put a stent in the duct to keep it the size they wanted.  

Then they checked out the rest of the small and large intestine. You will NEVER believe what they found . . . the small sticker that's found on fresh fruit and veggies . . . they took it out too :)

The night before the procedure we had sandwiches and I sliced an apple (using one of those apple corers you push through the apple) and gave the husband 2 slices . . he has lost 30 - 40 pounds since all of this started so any food he takes in is a small amount.

How he didn't taste or feel the sticker is beyond me. One friend said, "I always take them off when I wash fruit and veggies." Well, I never remember to do this . . . so the husband aid he isn't eating any fruit I give him if I'm going to try to plug him up with stickers.   LOLOL

Next on his "to do" list is with the opthamologist. He had a detached retina in his right eye before we moved here. It was almost completely detached so it had to be lasered back in place and he has to keep up with retina doctors checking it out several times a year to make sure it is still holding and healthy.

So now, the lens that he got when he had his cataract in the left eye removed is getting all cloudy, which is normal. But with one bad eye and one going cloudy he doesn't have much of a change to see. Once that is done, a call to the realtor and moving company is in order.


  1. Hope hubby is feeling better, you must be getting excited.

  2. Oh my goodness, glad they saw it/got it out. Moving is so hard!! I had six weeks (plus) to pack/clean, before my husband came back to move us. Even with all I did, we were still scrambling to get everything packed/in the van and do everything when he got there. It was so hard on me. We've been here two and a half months, and I'm still recovering. :P I wish we could have afforded a moving company. Good luck with your move!


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