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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Projects for 26 Days at Roswell Park Cancer Institute

These were my "sanity projects"
 while my husband was in Roswell Park Cancer Institute 
here in Buffalo, NY

Caprice Doily
made from Aunt Lydia's #10 cotton thread
Colors, I believe, antique white and neutral.

Close up of Caprice.
I am planning on giving this to Dr Al-Sukhni.

He had an Adenocarcinoma in his Duodenum.
The doctor told him it is a very rare form of cancer
but very aggressive.
I tell everyone it is so rare
that there is no ribbon color for it :(

Summer Splender
made from Aunt Lydia's #10 cotton thread
Colors, I believe, antique white and neutral.

Summer Splendor
I am planning on giving this to Dr Kukar
who preformed the surgery
and is my  husbands GI Oncologist

He spent 10 hours in surgery
followed by 26 days in the hospital.
He came home on a Friday
and was back in on the following Tuesday.
He came home with two drains
for the leaking Pancreatic juice.
The back one was all blood so he went to the GI Clinic
and ended up spending 48 hours back in the hospital
with the nurses keeping very close track 
of what was coming out of his drains
and what his blood work was saying about his health.
Lucienne' Summer Mandala
Made with Monaco #8 cotton thread.
Lucienne's Summer Mandala
Close Up
When he came home on Thursday
the nurses said all of his tests
showed he was healthier than when he left on Friday
and he was very healthy then.

Hopefully we will be able to keep him healthy and at home now!


  1. I hope the doctors appreciate your gifts. Glad to hear Gene is still on the mend. Oh, got a note from somebody...thank you. It hangs beside my stitching chair with other charms I've received from you! Bet you didn't know that did you? I have them all on a string and I see them constantly.

  2. It's great news to hear he is getting better, your crochet is stunning.

  3. Dear Paula,
    your Mandala looks so delicate and precious, I'm quite speechless with awe.
    Even though I'm a nurse I can only guess what you're going through but I know you need your strength and health to be there for your husband. I'll keep my fingers crossed all becomes well.
    Take care!


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