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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Surgery D-Day +22

CATScan today. Poor guy had to drink  "catscan juice" around 10 am and didn't go down until close to 1 pm. One of the respiratory therapist said they were backed up. When Gene came back he said that several of the people w ho work in their from south of Buffalo hadn't showed up because of the snow. But the ones who made it in aid it was funny that everyone from the "southtowns" who had an appointment had made it.
Dietitian came up after he had returned and said he was being upgraded to a 40 grams of fat a day diet. You should have seen the smile on his face. His nurse came in when he was looking at the regular menu and said he looked like a kid looking at toys. He ended up ordering a tuna salad sandwich with tomato and lettuce on a kaiser roll, chicken noodle soup, chocolate pudding, peaches and a diet coke. He savored every bit of food, specially the chocolate pudding :)

When the doctor came in he said they were thinking about getting him home. I said, "Oh no . . now I will have to become a housewife again." He and the two PA's with him just grinned.He said the CATscan showed nothing different from last week, which is good. Now, they want to see how well his Pancreas tolerates more fats. It it tolerates the fat well, and doesn't produce any extra juice for his three drains, then I can see him coming  home. Dr Kukar is still hoping to take one of the drains out. Also, he wants Gene to be able to take in enough calories that he doesn't have to take the 14 hour "nutrition" IV.

So we will see what tomorrow brings. 


  1. Woohoo! You are in the homestretch now! End of the week - Friday afternoon. Wanna make a bet?

  2. Fingers and everything crossed here xxxx


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