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Friday, March 4, 2016

Another Day Is In The Books

Early in the afternoon we had our 1st scare of the day. Gene felt the pads around his front right drain and they were wet. Not what they are supposed to do. I took of the padding and, sure enough, their was a leak where the tube enters the body. I wiped the skin off and then around the drain. Nothing else came out BUT the tube going into the "hand grenade" was dripping inside the grenade at the same rate it was coming out of the area around the tube. Too weird.

Then, around 4-ish, I was taking a nap and Gene calls me from the bathroom. The tube going to the same "hand grenade" was full of watery red blood. Damn It! Called Dr Kukar and he said he would call and see about beds at Roswell and call u back. By 6:00 we hadn't heard back and the drain was now draining normal yellowy-tan liquid. So I got in my jammies. About 8 we get a call from Dr K, he was at a conference in Boston. He asked how it was going and I told him it was back to normal. He said "If it happens again, call Roswell and ask for Dr Turner who is on call this weekend. I've explained what is going on. She will admit him."

So, now it is wait and check.

Gene thinks that when the Home Health Care Nurse checked the drains this morning he wiggled them harder than normal and it caused some bleeding inside. This is what he thinks happened the last time he got grenade of red blood only it was a different nurse, but both were male. I decided that I would remove, clean and replace the dressings the next time an unknown nurse shows up. 

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  1. Phew, no steps backwards, but it is scary when these things happen. I am still waiting to see Gene start doing cartwheels again, have a good weekend.


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