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Friday, March 18, 2016

The Check's In The Mail

Well, really not the check, but Gene did get a soft package from Roswell Park today. He gave it to me and as I'm feeling it wondering what it was, I said to Gene, "We didn't leave your underwear there, did we? How about a pair of socks?"

Now, I knew we didn't. When he went into surgery they gave me all of the clothes he wore in. I took them home, washed them and took them back for when he got to come home. So I KNOW he only had one shirt, one pair of sweatpants, one pair of underwear and one pair of socks. So I was REALLY confused.

When I opened it, this is what was rolled up in it. This was the note that came in it. I was just amazed. I wonder how many hats they had to mail out?

How great of New Era, a local hat company that is known through out the US, had donated the hats, along with the Buffalo Sabres and Roswell of sending these hats out. 

Now, Gene isn't a hat wearer but I'll bet he wears this next winter when it is cold in Indiana.


  1. That's nice of them... And I bet he will wear it because it will have special meaning to him. :)


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