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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Spring Has Sprung

Gene took pictures of the front flowers with hi tablet. They turned out SO GOOD! But he wasn't sure how to share them. So I repeated it just a little bit ago. Sun was out and a slight nip in the air to show that winter hasn't been gone that long.

 I just LOVE me some Martha Washington geraniums on my front steps. I thought I would plant each one in it's own pot but I so love Azalea pots that I put them together. Added a little Vinca vine for "style" and this pot is finished.

 These two pots were on the steps last summer. I didn't clean them out, just sat them on the back patio for the winter. This spring I found that there were three plants returning in each pot. So we bought a "spreader," not sure of the name of the plant, to put in the center of each pot. So the plants that survived the winter were replanted with fresh soil for this summer.

Here's the "cemetery" all decked out in "patriot red" geraniums. These were a fund raiser for the Western New York Ovarian Cancer group. The price was right, the cause was worth it and the color and size of the plants is fantastic.

My little angel. She is really on her last leg in the garden, but I just love her. I must remember to take the ribbons out that I cut so I can giver her a bow at her neck, hers didn't survive last summer.

I have a plaque (that was packed away for the move we are still waiting to make) that reads "Leave Room In Your Garden For The Angels To Dance." So I like to have an angel in my garden so, perhaps, other angels will come and dance with her,

The end of the Tulips and remains of the Daffodils.  If you look close enough you can see the last of the blue Anemones peaking out from behind the leaves.

For the "in between spring and summer" period I think we have a good looking flower bed. The back of the bed is full of perennials. 

There are Daylilies underneath the star, behind the white tulip should be some purple Coneflowers. They have never done well in this bed so I am never sure how many survive from season to season.

At the far left, on the little mound, is a circle of Perennial Geraniums that are light/soft blue. In front of the rose bush and over to the star, and it looks like this year they are all the way to the front of the bed, are Orange Coneflowers. They have grown and spread like wildfire. Wish the purple ones would do as well.


  1. Your garden is beautiful! I still haven't even bought anything besides one hanging pot of pansies, and one pot of rhubarb. :D I love your angel, too.


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