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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Home Again, Home Again, Tweedle Dee Dee

Still recovering from vacation. I swear, every time we come back from Indiana it takes longer to recover . . . and we don't do anything to wear ourselves out when we are there. I guess it is the 8 hour drive that poops me out.

We left home June 1 and got back on June 7. Just the right amount of time to be away from my own bed and shower.

We staid with my BFF Wednesday, THursday and Friday nights. Had only planned two nights but we hadn't caught up on everything in 2 nights so we threw in the third.

Then we spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday night at the new house . . . sleeping on a queen size air mattress . . . add the air mattress to the 8 hour drive and I was turning in the canvas lawn chair we have as chairs and did something to my back . . . today I got a script for some physical therapy for the back. I don't go in until next Wednesday, the day before I go in for a hysterectomy, but it was the soonest I could get in :(

While we were home we got almost everything on our ToDo List done:

  1. Met with a guy from the Utilities who i going to check and see how we ended up with a Utilities (electricity and water) bill 6 times higher in February when we had no leaks.
  2. Looked at carpet samples and found one we liked. Met with the installer on Friday and he measured the living room, dining room, hallway and guest bedroom for the carpet and the vinyl for the entrance and closets. 
  3. Went back to the carpet place Friday evening and paid for half of the carpet. Will pay the rest after installation.
  4. Monday morning we met with the Chimney Sweep. Good news, the chimneys for the two fireplaces aren't too dirty. Bad news, the liner for the two fireplaces have major cracks and the fireplace in the basement shows it has had a fire due to the cracks. So now we need to decide if we want to convert the fireplaces to gas or have wood burning stoves installed in both of them. I am pretty sure we will do the inserts so we don't have to depend on gas rates for the fires.
  5. Went to the viewing for the husband (47 years old) of a girl I taught with for a long time before we moved. He had a non-curable form of cancer and he had hung on for three years. I told Bekki I was so sad Ron had died but I was so happy that I was home so I got to go to the viewing. (The weird thing is that the 40 year old daughter of a couple that Bekki and I taught with died last spring and when we were home "house shopping" I got to see h er mother the day before her funeral. I have told everybody that I don't want anyone else dying when we move home.)
While Gene and I were in the grocery store I ran into the vet that all of my pets have gone to in Logansport. I asked him if he was ready to meet Indy and get re-aquainted with Matthew and Marcus. He said he had heard we were moving home and he was ready :) He was always so good with all my fur-children. A former student of mine is a veterinarian in his office so I am THRILLED for my babies.

Went in today to pick up information, and get Indy signed up for, "Doggy DayCare." I want her out of the house the day we move the furniture out. So I figured this was the way to go. Get her signed up so she can get to know the dogs so she will feel comfortable with them.

I think that's it . . time to eat a much needed lunch.

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