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Friday, August 12, 2016

Doilies, Doilies and More Doilies

maybe not THAT many doilies.

These are the three
that are sitting next to me right now.

Between Meals Centerpiece
Miss Alize Batik and #7 crochet hook
I'll work on one
then move to something else
then back to another doily.

Pattern #1 from the book
Painted Doilies
Aurora Borealis  from Bre-Aly Threads
#7 crochet hook
I started to get lost.
Not on where they were
but what pattern I was using.
Finally put a small slip of paper
in each thread bag so I didn't have to
"remember" what pattern I was using.

Ruby's Pineapples and Diamonds Doily
Crochet hook #2/2.25mm
Elizabeth thread custom made for me by Bre-Aly Thread

I had the thread I'm using
for the gradient pink doily
custom made by Bre-Aly Thread on Etsy.
It was meant to be used in a sweater
for my great niece Elizabeth's Christmas sweater.
For some reason I could not get those
4 separate strands of thread working.
But it is working great in this pattern . . . 
go figure.

I had a hard time remembering 
what rounds I was working on.
I started saving the patterns 
with the round number.
This makes thing so much easier!

Wonder which will get finished 1st?
My money is for the Pineapples and Diamonds :)

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