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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Diana's Doxies

Made for my BFF since elementary school . . 
we are now 65 so this has been a LONG friendship.
She has just adopted her 2nd rescue Dachshund. So I knew I had to celebrate this for their 1st Christmas.
I wanted to make sure I carried 3 threads under my single crochet’s o I picked the Bernat Misty Gray for the 4th thread. It is a little thinner than the #3 thread so it made the “carrie” threads easy to cover.
I hope you like it as much as I liked designing it.

Yarn … 
Aunt Lydia’s Fashion #3 thread 
Steel Hook size … 2/2.25 MM 
Diameter of Base … 9 inches
Circumference … 26.5 inches 

Height … 
15 inches 
(from center base to top of edging 

Shoulder Strap … 
42 inches

This pattern is available through my Ravelry Store for $1.99.

               ~~ ** ~~ ** ~~ ** ~~ ** ~~ 
All proceeds from this pattern will be donated to a no-kill dog and cat maternity shelter in Western New York or one in my home state of Indiana. 
The Fur~Babies and I thank you for your purchase

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  1. Hello Paula,
    this bag is amazing! Maybe I should give the mochilla bags a try (haven't so far as it looks a bit challenging and too many WIP around already). I like those delicate colours. Hope your friends enjoys the bag.
    Have a nice week,


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