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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Marcus is So Much Better

I was too shook to take a picture of Marcus before she had her right eye sutured shut. But I did get a picture the 1st night she was home.

The husband and I both thought she was acting normal before she had to have her eye removed but BOY were we wrong.

Right eye with sutures after surgery.
Notice the dried "food" by her whiskers.
When I picked her up after her surgery Dr Anderson said she had to have been in real pain because the eye was so swollen. He also said he took a small growth off above that eye since "he was in the area." 

He has been my vet since Paka and I moved home 40 years ago. He has been so wonderful and caring for all of the fur-children I have had. So I knew he wasn't kidding when he said, "I threw it in for free." Then he said her surgery had made hi miss his grand daughters birthday party and had to leave the heat in the building up all night for her. I knew he didn't mind doing that either . . . we both share the same sense of humor.

She came home with three new medicines, besides the thysoid meds she takes twice a day. New meds included:

  1.  a "penicillin" type antibiotic with a pain reliever added in. This was given with an eye dropper twice a day. 
  2.  2 different eye drops, 2 drops of each given two times a day
  3. a tube (almost the size of a large hand cream) with vitamins and minerals that I had to put in a syringe that she needed three times a day. 
The first two, along with her thyroid meds, were a piece of cake. But the third was like putting a syringe of honey into a hole in the wall that was too small for the syringe. Man, did she ever fight me on it.

The WORST part of the 3rd thing was it oozed like honey. Even though I had her wrapped in a towel, that stuff got ALL OVER her fur, the towel and me!

The first week she was  home she slept a lot. I am sure the pain meds were doing their job. She ate very little and when I saw she was finally drinking water I cried I was so happy.

I called and reported in to them. They decided to send some canned food home for her. She readily ate it one day and day two. Overnight of day two she had diarrhea . . . no more soft food until I checked in with the vet.

No more canned food until the next week. And what a week Week 2 was. On Monday she jumped up on the bed and snuggled up with Indy. Tuesday, we found her grooming herself. Day 3 she "whapped " a paw at Indy and Willa when they went by . . .  

We could tell that she had been in pain, she was FINALLY acting like herself so Doc had to be right. She had been in pain but it was a pain that came on gradually so we didn't realize it.

She is now off of everything but her thyroid meds (which she takes transdermally through her ear) and hasn't fought with me at all about getting it . . . she used to run and hide when it was time, but no more. Maybe she has decided after the last two weeks the ear meds aren't that  bad :)

I finally realized she was on the mend when I saw her looking at the birds out the front window in the bird feeders and jumped on the hope chest in front of the window to get closer . . . That's my Marcus, she is back to feeling like her old, 16 year old self :)

Thanks to everyone who expressed concern. It warmed my heart more than you will ever know.


  1. Glad to know she's getting better! Give her a hug from me!

  2. Great news, glad she is getting better. Cats are very good at masking their pain and discomfort. Purdy and Grace send hugs.


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