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Monday, September 22, 2008

Miss Mady's Cardigan

I think I may actually have the hang of this ... except I couldn't get Indy's video to show up in the blog ... so I had to make a link for it. Oh well ... such is life in the fast lane.

I finally sent this URL to everyone I would like to see it. Then tonight I found out that if anyone tried to leave a comment,, it probably wouldn't work. SO I think I changed the info so people outside of Blogger can post comments.

I am working on the CUTEST sweater for my soon to be born, great-niece Miss Madelyn Michelle Latta. (Tell me if I spelled it correctly, Gloria, so I can change it if I need to.) It was in a magazine I got a couple of weeks ago. I liked it a lot but figured I couldn't follow the pattern. You know me ... I do granny squares and easy stuff.

Well, to my surprise it was pretty easy. I started it on Saturday night and I have the pieces done. All I have to do now is connect the left front to the back, the sleeves to the body and then add the pockets on the front. (I have the right side connected already ... MAN, it was SO EASY ! ! ! ! ! Then lastly, I will have to make some flowers to add at the end. I can't wait to get it done and post it. I am like a proud mom ... my first "real" cardigan sweater :-}

I could post the front of the sweater. It looks AWFUL because the color is all off in the photo. I think I will do that ... so if Gloria reads this she won't know what the sweater really looks like. (Andrea's shower is this week-end so I have to have it done by then. I will have it put together by tomorrow night ... but then I have to finish it off. I wonder if those directions will be easy or cause me to come to a crashing halt?)

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