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Monday, September 22, 2008

Saturday with Indy and Sunday QOTD

Sunday was a fun day. It started off with the QOTD from CFAC (Don't you just LOVE alphabet soup?)

"What is your favorite TV Show?" they asked.

"Hum," I thought to myself. "I can't think of a show but an episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show jumped into my mind right away ... the episode titled Chuckles Bites the Dust where Chuckles the Clown gets crushed by a rogue elephant while dressed as a peanut in a parade. every time I see it I beak up in uncontrollable laughter during the funeral scene.

Gene had never seen this episode. I found it, divided into three parts, on You Tube. We sat and watched it and I couldn't believe that I broke down laughing again during the funeral scene. (As I sit here typing I have a smirk on my face just thinking about it.)

Later in the day I did think of four TV shows that are my favorites.Well, all but George of the Jungle were cartoons that were included in The Bullwinkle Show... or was it Rocky & Bullwinkle. I can't remember ... they changed names when they changed channels.:

1. Tom Slick (and his Thunderbolt Grease-slapper .. if you watch this video, this is actually one episode that I remember watching in college. This takes place in Muncie, Indiana...Teddy Bear Capital of the Midwest!),

2. Fractured Fairy Tales with Peabody & Sherman

3. George of the Jungle (with Thella & Ursulla)

4. Rocky & Bullwinkle. Now, I think Tom and Fairy Tales were parts of a larger TV show, but I liked these two the best. (This video clip is from 1961 ... I was 10 years old and warped already.)

"Oh, Oh," she thinks in her BEST Arnold Horshack imitation, she remembers that Dudley Do Right was another favorite. I an even remember sitting at my desk in Mrs. Montgomery's room in 6th grade, turned around like Dudley rode his horse and singing the theme. It was before class started and she wasn't in the room. If she had been I probably wouldn't have thought it was so funny!

Could it be that Jay Ward, who created all of these cartoons, I think all .. if not almost all of them, was making cartoons that adults would enjoy while watching them with their children. They were written funny for kids, but when you listen to them as an adult the humor is even better.

Saturday Gene and I were in in the back yard with Indy I had taken her out to potty and I was going to take pictures of her to show a friend in CFAC who says she looks like her Shiba. I hit the wrong button and was in video mode. So Gene and I tried to get her to run, like she normally does when we are outside, but she would only do a little. If you watch the video you will be able to see her "path" around the tree. Makes the yard look gorgeous, doesn't it?

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