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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It seems like I spent most of today getting organized. Well, not me, the yarn I have accumulated and my projects on Ravelry.

I have decided to get all of the yarns I use listed in my stash on Ravelry so I don't have to bring it down with me every time I need to know the name of the yarn for a project. So, with the yarn I received today from Herrschners, I started taking pictures of the yarn. Then I spent time getting it catalogued ... just like doing an online scrapbook of my yarn. Boring today but oh so worthwhile when I will need it.

Next, I washed the new sweater and hat I made for Miss Maddie. (You can see them in the photo with this journal entry.) I didn't wash the booties because I am only halfway through with bootie #2. It always amazes me how soft a project is after it has been washed. The colors came out so bright in these items. Again, exactly what I wanted them to look like. I still have to embroider some "lazy-daisy" petals at various locations and some "french knot" centers and I will be done.

I went to the library which is only a block away from home, today to get on a computer and see what this blog looks like to everyone except me. When I got close enough to see the parking lot it looked like it was empty. This is when I remembered that the library here isn't open like the one in Logan. When I got past the end zone of the football field I was close enough to see that the parking lot was indeed empty. S0, blog-check 101 will have to wait until another day.

Oh, I can get you to the online directions for the hat. The booties are in a booklet and the sweater comes from a magazine.

Enjoy the rest of your day ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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