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Friday, September 26, 2008

Fish Fry Friday

Friday night is Fish Fry night all over Western New York. I swear that EVERY restaurant has their own "fish fry." They all use haddock, which I don't think I ever had in a fish fry in Logan. Wasn't it always perch? I can't remember now, you know, that 'sometimers' disease is creeping and creeping up on me ... and I don't think it is coming on "cat feet" like one poem says about the fog!

But I digress.

Today Gene and I went on another "baby" run to Target, Baby's R' Us and A.C. Moore. We bought what we needed and then Gene discovered the food section of the store. This section was bigger than Fran & Jack's store on the corner by the house on Ottawa Street in Logan. (But then again, the prices were higher.) I'll bet that on a normal week Gene and I could do all of our grocery shopping in this store... and it isn't a Super Target either. All we would need to buy somewhere else would be meat.

Speaking of Super Target, we are FINALLY getting a Super Wal-Mart (or is it WalMart* now?) in North Tonawanda. It won't be as close as the one was to us in Logan but it will be so much closer than going to Amherst to Wal~Mart (and yes, this Wal~Mart still has the 'squiggle' between the parts of the name.)

The basic argument in N.l Tonawanda was the typical "not in MY backyard" against the Wal~Mart ... and it was led by the owner of a small grocery store (probably about the size of the old Marsh on 3rd Street) who doesn't even live in the city. He kept them saying "what about the Mom & Pop stores in the town? Gene says it is amazing that when he built his store right down the street from an actual "mom & pop" grocery store he didn't seem to mind that his lower prices ran him out of business.

Again, I digress...... I just love that word....digress! It will just be so nice to get to a Wal~Mart (or WalMart* since it is going to be brand new) in less than 15 or 20 minutes ... depending on the traffic!

There was something else I wanted to write about tonight, but I can't remember. (Yes Ruhly... even though that isn't your last name anymore ...the 'sometimers' disease is really running rampant tonight!

Until tomorrow, or the next time I write ~

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