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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nut-zo Dog

She's a 'nut-zo dog'

She's a 'nut-zo dog'

Indy proves this everyday

She's a 'nut-zo dog'

How do you like my model? Gene and I were on the porch today, with Indy, while Iwas taking pictures of some 'chemo hats' I had just crocheted. Laughingly, Gene said, "Let's putone on Indy."

Well, that was all it took and you can see the results. Doesn't shee seem thrilled.... NOT! Not longafter this was taken the hat was on the floor and she was looking at us with a look that said, "Why do you two keep doing these things to me?"

How many of you remember the story of Little Black Sambo? If you remember the story, do you remember the part where they tigers (I believe they were tigers, or were they lions?) ran around the tree so fast they meltedand became Tiger Butter? I think Indy is related to them except her butter would be called "Sha-ki-ter Butter " (She is a Shephard - Akita - Terrier mix.)
Check this video out to see why......

From Indy's 'nut-zo' mom~


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