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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Christmas at the Tookes

Today was the day to finish the first of the Christmas items to send to UC Davis and Pine Ridge OB.

Poor Santas, neither of them have any eyes, noses, rosie cheeks or pom-pom's on their hats :-( They need to be finished now that I have the right colors of yarn.)

I also made a Christmas sweater for a boy using a hockey sweater pattern that I like and for the little girl I used the pattern, Abigail's Sweater, which I also like a lot.

both hats ... I winged them, or should I say I designed them. There are a lot of hats out there in "pattern land" similar but I have never seen anything to match these.

WOW, I can't believe I actually maneuvered the text around the pictures tonight. This really must be my lucky day.

More "treasures" to come... be watching this space ~

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