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Friday, November 21, 2008

I See, Therefore I Am!

Gene had to, as his retina specialist Dr. Lee said, "Get the wrinkles ironed out of his retina" yesterday at Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital.

Gene was real worried two nights before, as was I. The doctor had given him three possible outcomes from the surgery:
1. at the end of 3 - 6 months his eyesight would be the same as it was before the surgery.
2. at the end of 3 - 6 months he would have less distortion in his sight and it would be sharper than it is n ow, but no where close to normal.
3. he would lose all site in that eye and become blind.

The percentages were with #1 and 2, but, of course, #3 is the one that weasels it's way into your brain and won't let go.

Due to the fact that Gene had a hard time coming out of his 6 1/2 hour 'detached retina' surgery, the anesthesiologist gave him locals through IV along with the doctor numbing the eye and shooting anesthetic into the eye (I believe the last is true.)

Well, Gene knew when Dr. Lee started that the numbing wasn't 100%, but he had enough that he made it through. Myself, I don't think I could have stood the pain.... but that is why we are all different.

Today , when he had hid post-op visit I was anxiously waiting to see what he said when the Dr. took the gauze off the eye. He Had Sight! ! ! !

GI-NORMOUS inside sighs of relief from me. AT least he is still able to see. With fingers, toes and eyes crossed I am praying that this will only get better in the next few months.

Dr.Lee not only "ironed out the wrinkles" that had formed since the previous detached retina surgery, he also removed the scare tissue that was removable AND lasered more of the scar tissue that resulted from his cataract surgery. So now, more light will also be able to get into the eye along with a smoother retina.

BIG SIGH! Now it is all eye drops (4 different types) until he sees Dr. Lee in 8 days.

Relaxed woman~
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