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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why I Give Thanks.

Tomorrow is my 56th Thanksgiving. That makes me feel really old when I type it and read it. Inside, except for what Dr. Carlson says, I feel so much younger.

When Thanksgiving comes around my thoughts always return to my home on Ottawa Street in Logansport. I can still see the dining room table. It would be set with Mom's Desert Rose dishes and Fostoria glasses. My favorite parts of the menu would be the turkey, dressing and cranberries... and probably in that order. I can't forget the sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows but they were not just a Thanksgiving food, the other three seemed to be when I was young.

I still use the same dish that Mom used for cranberries and when it's time to make the dressing I always have to sing at least one chorus of "Let Us Break Bread Together On Our Knees" which was a song form church that Mom and I always sang, and laughed while doing it, when we tore up the bread for stuffing. This year, Gene had the dressing assembled and cooked before I even knew he was doing it. So, I guess I will have to wait until next year to sing.

I have so many things to be thankful for this year:
  1. Gene's eye surgery came off without a a hitch (if you don't count the pain meds as not doing a great job.)
  2. Miss Mady came into the world a healthy, happy baby.
  3. Indy, Abby, Nosey, Marcus and Matthew are all healthy and soon Abby will be down here bothering me for their evening treats.
  4. Lee and his family are healthy... at least the last time I talked to him they were :-}
  5. Aunt Ruth had some trouble this fall, but hopefully, now she is better.
  6. Marilyn, Susie and Sabrina are still in good shape.
  7. Debbie and Keith are probably getting grayer since Brian is driving. But that's the price you pay for having kids! he he he he he
  8. And finally to Diane and Joyce who stood up with me almost 3 years ago now. I don't see either of you very often but that doesn't mean I'm not thankful for having both of you in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you~

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