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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tweed Sweater #1

I have finally posted this sweater in Ravelry so I needed to get it on here. The name of the pattern comes from a tweed Christmas sweater I once saw. I thought the this sweater looked like it, thus the name. I had seen sweaters that looked like this, but I couldn't find the patterns. I was pretty happy with the way that the pattern worked out.

EDITED: Christmas Day 2008

I have decided that, from now on, when I make a pattern I will no longer offer them for free. Instead, I will donate all of the profits between two animal groups. One is the Erie County SPCA which is located very close to us in Buffalo, NY.The other is the Cass County Humane Society which is located in my hometown of Logansport, Indiana. I saw a pattern on Ravelry that a woman did in memory of her pet. She was donating to her local animal shelter. This made me realize that I too could do something that would benefit the abandoned animals in my two towns. Since all of my "fur babies" could have ended up in the same situation as the animals in these two places.

So, From My Heart, Through My Hands, here is the first pattern I have designed. I hope you like it enough that you will help me support my two causes.

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