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Friday, October 31, 2008

Let There Be Light!

Wasn't that a quote from the bible when God created the Earth? Well, it is totally appropriate for today. We are replacing the two, old, double-hung, side-by-side windows in the kitchen with a new (at least it better be new since it just came off the truck from the window makers.... I am laughing to myself thinking I should have written 'widow-makers' just to see if anyone reads this and would catch the typo!)

Our kitchen faces east and looks right into a large cherry tree in the middle of our back yard. The cherry tree is wonderful in the summer to keep the morning sun/heat out of the room, but it sure makes for a dark kitchen. Also, the kitchen is small and the lack of light doesn't help make it look any bigger. So, we got a call from a registration we made at the Erie County home show about windows, got a VERY good deal on a bay window, and today is the day of the install.

I am SO EXCITED! Whoops... I almost forgot one thing. Now that there is the great possibility of more light in the room I will have to make sure the floors are kept cleaner than I have been. That is the one good thing about a room that doesn't have a lot of natural light, the dirt and dust don't show up as well. DAMN! Blew my cover on cleanliness now in the kitchen. Oh well, the cat's will love to lay in this window so I guess I can clean the floors for their benefit! Poor babies, since we moved from Logan they have had to lay in the window ledges/sills and Matthew and Nosey have a hard time doing that. They are both big cats and tend to "hang over" the sills. Plus, they should feel like they are right out there in the bird and squirrel kingdom that the back yard can become.

I must remember to take pictures when this is over. Then see if I have some of the kitchen taken when we moved in. If, and when, they get posted it will make a nice contrast.

Until I "see" you again~

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