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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Accidents do happen!

Accidents do happen. One happened to me yesterday.

The January CAL for Crafting for a Cause is to make scarves for Pretty Bird Woman House on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation. Well, I am not one to make scarves . . . so if I have made one for you, consider yourself one lucky person! . . . so I decided to make cowls.

I found out that they were just a pattern, long enough to reach around your neck. Now, this seemed simple enough to me. So, I make a chain, slip stitch it together, pull it over my BIG head to see if it fits, which it does, and continue on with my pattern. (I was going to do 4 rows of single crochet and then make a row of single and long crochet for an interesting touch.

After about 8 rounds I tried on the cowl and realized it was twisted. I had made a Moebius Cowl by Accident . . and Liked It!

So, below you will find the pattern for what I call Long Single Crochet Moebius Cowl Done by Accident. I think that about sums up what this cowl is!

Remember, 100% of the price of the pattern is split between the Erie County SPCA here in Tonawanda and the Cass County Humane Society back home inLogansport. Both the animals and I thank you.

So, From My Heart, Through My Hands, I hope you like it enough that you will help me support my two causes.

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The Accidental Crocheter~

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