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Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's Almost Over

Yes, Sports Fans. I am sorry to say this but my 58th birthday celebration is just about over. I've stretched it out for 6 days and, perhaps, I might get a 7th.

"How have you stretched it out?" you might ask . . . . . (and I doubt if any of you did.)

I'll tell you how because I am sure you are extremely interested in this concept. You too can stretch your birthday out for days by following one simple concept . . . Eat Confetti Angel Food Cake and Perry's White Christmas ice cream every day and every day will still feel like your birthday.

"What?" You might say. "How does eating Confetti Angel Food cake and Perry's White Christmas ice cream stretch out MY birthday?"

I am SO GLAD you asked. Here is why:
1. Confetti Angel Food Cake is the ONLY cake to eat on one's birthday. (Oh, and it MUST be clean . . . no icing of any kind!) Since it is hard to find, one must shop for it all year long and buy multiples when you do find it . . .just in case!

2. Over the Christmas holiday search for Peppermint Ice Cream. Now, just not peppermint flavored but vanilla ice cream with REAL peppermint (candy cane) pieces in it.

3. If you are lucky, like hitting the lottery, you will be able to find a company like Perry's Ice Cream here in Western New York. (You know the old saying . . . Life is just a bowl of Perry's . . . don't you?) And, if you are even LUCKIER you will discover that they have a Limited Edition, premium ice cream called White Christmas.

Just imagine the taste of clean, fresh Confetti Angel Food cake with an ice cream made of mint and white chocolate with red and green mint flakes mixed in for good measure. A-h-h-h-h-h, I feel like the Muttley, I believe his name was. The dog in the cartoons who would float in the air after receiving a dog biscuit. He was in puppy heaven.

You too can have these moments of ecstasy if you follow my lead on your birthday:
1. have the cake mix on hand;
2. find the BEST peppermint chip ice cream around;
3. don't invite anyone else to share your cake and ice cream because if you do, it won't last (you may include family if you want but this does cut down on your share remember) and
4. enjoy this taste treat any time of the day.

My favorite time of the day to enjoy this taste treat. . BREAKFAST! Yeppers,peppers, first thing in the morning. I figure the cake is my starch and the ice cream is my milk. If I really wanted to get picky I could say the mix has egg whites in it (like home made angel food cake) and then I would also be having protein.
Let me know what you think. If you try it, you will NEVER go back to your old favorite birthday dessert.

Confetti Angel Food Cake's biggest fan since 1952!

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