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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A "BILLS" Winter

Yesterday I received a Valentine's Day package from Carina in Finland. I knew she had made something special for me and I new exactly what she had made for Gene. She had talked about knitting him a pair of sock. When she said that I asked her if she could, or would, knit him a Buffalo Bills sock hat. I had seen the diagram for their logo and a hat that had been made. I sent her to the page where the diagram was located and she told me she could do it.

So, yesterday I made him close his eyes and hold out his hand. I knew he thought I was going to put a piece of the wonderful candy she sends and I could see by the look on his face that he felt something that wasn't chocolate. When he opened his eyes they just glowed. He immediately tried it on and it fit great.

Last night when we went out to get supper, I had been CRAVING a Big Mac & Fries all day, he wore it. That told me he REALLY liked it because no matter how cold the weather, he seldom wears a hat.

So, to his chagrin, I took a picture of him and am posting it. I want to make sure Carina sees how good it looks on. And he even managed a smile, even though I didn't catch it in this picture. (Oh, notice the SNOW in the background. It had been snowing "Ivory Snow" flakes earlier. Now, it was just smaller versions of the original with BUNCHES on wind. Talk about C-O-L-D ! ! ! !)

The Beggar Crocheter from Western New York

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