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Monday, March 9, 2009

Stuff from the Valentine's Day Hook (Yes, I know I'm Late!)

I need to post some more items I made.
These were made for Mady . . . but I have the strangest feeling that they will either be too small or too big.

Oh well, one day she will learn that her Aunt Paula loved her but had no idea what size clothes to make her.

Valentine's Day Long Johns.

They even have a "drop seat" in them.

A"Heart Hat" for valentine's Day.
The original pattern was for an older child, but I made it out of a thinner yarn and smaller needle to make it work (I think) for a baby.

A Valentine's Day Dress made of #10 Crochet Thread

Valentine's Day Booties
Dated for her 1st Valentine's Day
(Don't they look HUGE . . .but the pattern said they would fit...Yeah right!)

I know how to figure the Collar Size for a Fur Baby, but not the Clothing Size for a Niece

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