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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Flat Maddie Came to Visit

Today, Flat Maddie Runyon came to our house. She is on a trip from Brownsburg, Indiana, to see what she can find in Western New York.

I heard a commotion on our front porch after the mailman arrived. When Indy and I went outside to see what was going on, there was Flat Maddie trying to get out of the mailbox. Of course, I helped her out and welcomed her to Tonawanda. Indy, on the other hand, wasn't that happy to see a small child invade her territory.

After Gene and Indy had a LONG TALK, Indy decided that it was okay for Flat Maddie to stay with us while she explores Western New York. She told us about her brother, Flat Stanley and his experiences. She was hoping that we could show her some interesting places in Western New York.

We immediately thought about Niagara Falls. Since she might get blown over the falls, she weighs so little, I experimented with attaching her to something to help her stay put for her pictures. I think we accomplished that.

Other places that she might visit are: The Carousel Museum, the place where the Erie Canal and Niagara River meet, Murphy Orchards (they hid slaves on the Underground Railroad) and Old Fort Niagara. I know there are more places for us to visit, but you will just have to come back to see where Flat Maddie goes next.

Flat Maddie's friend, Paula
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