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Monday, March 23, 2009

Where is Keith Olberman When You Need Him?

Okay, I know this really isn't the "politically correct" thing to do, and I sure hope that God has a sense of humor because I don't want to get struck down by lightening. Today I received an email from my long-time friend Steve in Indiana. He is, to say the least, a VERY STRONG non-Obama guy.

This is what was said in one section, and I quote:

"Finally, his transformation is complete. He has ascended to a glorious high that no one could have predicted 18 months ago. In the minds of the media, he is indeed the Messiah sent from the heavens to deliver the world into a new era of something wonderful that will be better than everything else that wasn't as wonderful even though it could have been but wasn't."

Here is the picture below it. I almost fell off my chair when I saw it. See if you can name the newscasters. I already gave you one,m Keith Olberman is third from the right. As David Letterman, newly married I might add, would say, "The one with the big head!" Since my eyes are killing me from a day of crocheting Miss Mady's Easter Bunny Dress . . have YOU ever tried to crochet not only 1 Easter Bunny head but 13 ... Can you name the people listed in the picture?

From left to right:

1. _______

2. _______

3. Is this Wolf Blitzer, who's hometown is Buffalo, NY . . .right down the road from me?

4. _______

5. Anderson Cooper (CNN . . 360° with Anderson Cooper)

6. President Obama (1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC.)

7. Chris Matthews (MSNBC . . .Hardball)

8. Keith Olberman (late of ESPN, FOX News, and I am sure other stations . . .MSNBC . . . Countdown with Keith Olberman)

9. Brian Williams (NBC . . .Nightly News)

10. Tom Brokaw (I think . . . kind of fuzzy eyed still . . . interim anchor for NBC's Meet The Press)

11. Katie Couric (CBS maybe . . . Evening News . . . I never watch her so I don't know.

If I have made a mistake, or you know someone I didn't name, leave a comment and I will fix my error, or empty space, AND give you credit. Isn't THAT thrilling? LOLOL

Signed~ Former Olberman junky until he became so totally one sided. (Was he like this with sports too?)


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