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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Miss Mady's Mad March Clothes

They FIT! I can't believe that little bugger can wear the St. Paddy's Day hat and sweater I made.

Now, I am glad she can, but since I always go my own way with material and hook I figured I had made them to big.

Since I posted her Valentine's Day "treasures" I guess I better get her St. Paddy's mini-ensemble up for everyone to see.

I can't find the hat pix right now. I must go on a 'quest' and see where it is.

Okay, here it is. I had to search for it, but I found it in my photo album in Crafting For A Cause, a Yahoo.. Group I am in. I wonder where it disappeared to on the computer? One will never know, will one?

Here is the Bumble Bee dress and hat that I tested for a designer on Ravelry. Again, do you see anything that resembles a Bumble Bee? Me neither . . because I didn't have the yellow and black yarn. But I LOVE this variegated yarn, so I went with it.

You know, I really should post the name of the patterns so people can make them if they want . . . along with any adaptations I made.

I must remember to do that the next time.

Miss Mady's Mad March Crocheting Aunt Paula

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