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Thursday, May 28, 2009

To Garden, To Garden

My little elf, Gene, has been working his magic in the back and front yards this week. The hostas are planted under the tree and under the kitchen window. The impatiens are on the north side of the patio and the snapdragons are along the fence. Too bad I don't have pictures of all of them yet. It is rather overcast today, so they wouldn't look as nice as they are.
I do have, however, pictures of the front yard with it's marigold and weeded "English Garden," as I call it, along with the cat and dog statues that stand sentry duty on the top of our front steps.

There is even one of the elf, himself, toiling away in the back yard.

Oh, the reason you do not see me in any pictures working, I, like my mom Leah Jane always said, is a Chief for our Indian gardener husands.
Standing sentry are Miss Cat and Mrs. Dog.

This is my "English Garden."
Chief Tonawanda of Logansport

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