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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Winter Wonderland II . . Squares #1

I am in the midst of a swap at Vanna's Choice Fan Club on Ravelry. Due to my INTENSE love of wintry blue shades, I signed up for the Winter Wonderland swap. Our job ("Mr. Phelps, should we accept it") is to make a 12" square for everyone in the group . . . and to keep one for our self. Since my group has only 10 members, I will be making 2 squares for two people.

The colors we have to choose from are:
* Bluebell ~ light blue periwinkle)
Charcoal Grey ~ almost slate
Colonial Blue ~ medium to brilliant blue
Navy~ dark blue
Silver Gray ~ dark sterling grey
Silver Blue ~ a light silvery blue
White ~ a crisp white
* This is a Vanna's Choice Baby yarn.

Below are the squares I have completed, along with the information as to where they are located on the web. If you click on the picture, you will be linked to the pattern. (Some needed extra rounds to become 12" squares.)

4 Angels Square

9-Patch Maple Leaf

Framed Flower

I Love the "V" Stitch
This could turn out to be my favorite square.

Linda's Snowflake Potholder
This is a pretty popular square also . . . LOVE that snow look!
Octagon Medallion

Schoharie Spring
Don't be afraid if this looks wonky before you block it.

Shadow Illusion

The Crochet Pattern Slut

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