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Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Heart Was Heavy, But Not As Heavy As the Irises

We were blessed with many plants in our backyard that were planted by Gene, his dad and his brother for their mother (wife). Over the years they have doubled and sometimes tripled themselves. One of the plants that has "exploded" is the Golden Iris that are along the north fence.

Last year, they bloomed quite well and were loaded with blooms. This year, however, they are not only loaded with blooms BUT the blooms are HUGE and have caused the stalks to fall to the ground.

Since Gene was going to mow today, I decided that these needed to be cut and brought into the house for our enjoyment. I normally don't do this, except with the lilacs in the photo below, but since these would have been mowed over, I rescued them.

So they now sit at the same place on honor on Grandma's dresser . . .right next to the stairway. When I sit on the couch I can see them and now my heart is happy that I can enjoy them. Not heavy with the notion that they will be mowed down in the prime of their lives.


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