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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Va-Va Victorian II . . Squares #4

I have now run out of the Va-Va Victorian Vanna's Choice yarn I started with . . . and am doing a scrap square that is almost done. I was getting tired of waiting to post, so here are the 2nd set of squares.

Several of these were 6" or 7" squares that I added rounds on to make them 12". I also found out that when I went back to the original patterns, mine sure looked different. It is AMAZING what changing colors will do to a pattern.

Enjoy the squares and let me see pictures of what yours turned out to look like.

3-D Flower

Chocolate Delight
Fallen Hero

Flower Burst

Flower Burst

Hint of Spring

Nordic Star

Nosegay Square

Spring Fling

Victorian Dream

The One Who Crochets From a Front Porch Swing

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