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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Flowers

Yes, it is time to post pictures of our front flower bed again. We have four of the most beautiful pink/red roses blooming that I HAD to take a picture. Then I saw how gorgeous the yellow Ozark Mountain Sundrop was and had to take it's picture. Then, with out much prodding from Gene, I took pictures of the whole bed.

Do you see Gene marching across the bed with his American Flag? I had to get this since Gene served in Viet Nam with the Army. This is my quiet way of telling other people that a former soldier lives in this house.

It is really sad, that largest rose has no scent. The smaller ones have a hint of scent, just enough to let you know that there is a rose bush close.

Here is a close up of poor little Frog & Toad, who are really frog and turtle . . but I like the other name better. They have been sitting out here in the front yard since last summer and STILL haven't decided what checker to move.

The tree is a Weeping Peach. We got it as a "twig" from Michigan Bulb last year and were worried that it wouldn't make it through the winter. To our surprise, it not only made it through, we had several blooms and all of them became peaches. (They look more like the kat-kins on a Pussy Willow bush than peaches.) I looked all over the web to see if these fruit were edible. Since I couldn't find the info, I emailed Michigan Bulb. Found out they aren't, so I guess no peach pie from THIS tree.
Almost directly behind the tree is a blue/purple GI-NORMOUS perennial geranium. One can barely see the miniature Butterfly Bush to it's left.
Up close to the porch, in the middle, is a mallow plant (this one is a purple and white stripe) that I actually panted last summer to hide the water meter. Last year it had a good start, but this year it seems to know that it has a job and it is doing it.
In the front of the bed you can see some lemon colored flowers . . and not the orange Marigolds. These lemon flowers are on a plant called an Ozark Mountain Sundrop. (At least that is what was on the plant tag that came with it.) Sometimes you will find it named a Missouri Sundrop/Primrose. Last summer I transplanted these from the back yard (Yes, again I said I did it.) The day I did it was one of the hottest days of the summer. SO, I kept my fingers crossed, hoping they would transplant and take root as well as the ones we had in Logan. Well, these have done 100% better that the ones in Logan. I guess they like the Western New York weather better than the North Central Indiana weather.

This is a close up of the Sundrop Plant. Can you see how many flowers are on it? It will continue to flower, just like this, all summer.
I had to take a closeup of this beautiful flower. Doesn't this Sundrop look like it is made of lemon yellow icing? It is such a vibrant color for such an easy plant to grow.

Here you can see the GI-NORMOUS perennial geranium. In the back of it you can just see the tops of the Mondara that are growing (I sure hope they are bright red). In the front, to the left, you can see how it wraps around the Butterfly Bush.

These are the Mallow flowers peeking out of their "bush".

I hope you enjoyed the tour of the front flower bed here in Western New York

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