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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Comments AND Squares #6

I know people are reading the blog . . or at least cruising it for patterns. I just wish some of you would leave comments so I knew what you were thinking. Perhaps there is more information you would like on the crochet items I post?
It's that time again . . I need to post the latest squares that I have made. I have been one busy little beaver the last week or so. Now, all I have to do is post the squares that are new . . not repeat myself.
Here goes. Hope I can do it the first time to save some time. Remember, the yarn is Vanna's Choice.

Positively Pink
White & Pink Poodle

Patriot's Pride
White and DustyRose
Patriot's Pride
Beige and Dusty Blue

Sunflower Square
Dusty Green, Dusty Blue and Dusty Purple

Summer Romance
Dusty Blue and Beige

"Dusty" Paula


  1. Hi!

    I love the one called SUMMER ROMANCE! Very Pretty. If I could figure out the pattern, I can IMAGINE it ENLARGED as a bedspead. ;-)
    ( Ummm, King Size bed. )

  2. Did you change your blog Paula? Or am I losing my mind? (I know I'm losing my mind, but...) Your squares are all really nice. :)

  3. Here's what I am thinking as I view your blog: I wish I could read a pattern because I really would like to make some of the things that you make.
    I crochet many things, but can not read a pattern to save my life!!
    The squares featured as I write this today are very pretty.

  4. Brooklyn Irish Girl Karen C.August 11, 2009 at 6:03 PM

    I am the lucky recipient of the "Positively Pink" square and it is absolutey wonderful! Thank You so much Paula!


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