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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summertime and the Livin' is Easy

No fish are jumpin'

And the cotton ain't high . . . .

Your Daddy ain't Rich

And you Mom's not good lookin'

So hush, little Indy, I know why you cry . . . . .

When I wrote the title of the blog down, I just had to complete it in some way. Hope you enjoyed my take off on the original song.

Ah, yes, The summer heat, when we have had it, hasn't ruined any of our plants in front, The rains, which we have had, really caused the plants to G-R-O-W! I am sure the little bugs/ants and assorted critters who inhabit this flower bed feel like they are in the forest prime-evil. At night, before I finally sleep, I always seem to hear people talking . . .but I think it is these "flower bed inhabitants" asking directions so they can find their way home through the forest. (Now don't think I'm nutz-o, I think when I put my ears against the pillow I get the same sensation one gets when they listed to the "ocean" in a sea shell.)
In the front of the flower bed you will see two, or more, bright yellow flowers. These are Ozark Mountain Sun drops. Normally, they only have bloomed once. This year, they have spread like wildfire and are starting a 2nd round of blooming.
The tree, to the left of the picture, kind of makes the house look like a home of some hillbillies. It is a Weeping Peach. It has the prettiest pink flowers in the spring and if you are lucky, and we were this year, you will get ornamental, beige fuzzy peaches. We actually had about 8, but only 3 in a cluster, on the longest branch, survived the lawnmower running into them.
Now, to add to the hillbilly effect, we have a broken lattice trellis halfway showing at the opening to the porch. This trellis was supposed to be in the corner by the porch and steps, but when we put it in, one of the legs broke . . so I decided to use it as a "door/fence" so Indy wouldn't take off to see the neighbors across the street. When we FINALLY get to painting the porch (floor a barn red, and everything else white for now, I am going to spray paint the trellis a deep green . . . which will match the shutters that are going to get painted too.
And last, but not least, I will finally have to decide on a color for the swing. I know I don't want it natural, but what shall I do with it? H-u-m-m-m-m-m-m-m . . . . .

Just Singin' In the Rain
PS . . notice there isn't a downspout on the left side of the porch. We lost it in one of the worse rain storms we have had. I bought these eat buckets that are to be used to let the water run into them and then over the sides and to the ground. They worked GREAT, until another rain storm took the last several buckets off and now it kind of waves in the wind.


  1. Our swing is white!!! I love it... :-) I enjoy your writing.


  2. My friend Jeree sings that song, hmmm somehow it didn't sound quite like that...I love your version!

  3. great house, I was born and raised in Buffalo NY, rather the Tonawandas and Orchard Park area....love that area when it is not snowing or cold, but I am so used to S CA now that when I go back to see family I freeze.... great blog... :) I am going to link to you... :)


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