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Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Fried" Cheese Stuffed Bologna & Squares #8

I'll just bet you are asking yourself, "What do Fried Cheese Bologna and Squares have to do with each other?"

In my world, they are close to being the same . . . two things I REALLY, REALLY like. Well, to be perfectly honest, I like "Open Face Bologna and Cheese sandwiches" the best, but it wasn't offered today.

Today was The Taste of Tonawanda at Gateway Harbor. I actually went for a Wine Slush from Niagara Landing, but they weren't there, so my 1st choice was the Knights of Columbus' Fried Bologna stuffed with cheese. If you are a bologna lover, I am sure you have pan fried bologna before. Personally, I like mine cold out of the refrigerator wrapped around a slice of Colby Cheese (thus an Open Face Bologna and Cheese Sandwich). When I eat it, I feel like the one dog from a cartoon in the 1970's who, when given a dog biscuit, would float in the air with ecstasy. (I think it might have been Muttley from Dastardly and Muttley fame.)
I digress. the "fried" bologna at the K of C tent was actually a 1/2 slice of bologna wrapped around a white cheese (I thought i t was mozzarella, but Gene said it was something else and for the life of me I can't remember what now.) coated in a beer batter and then deep fried. W-O-W-Z-A, W-O-W-Z-A, W-O-W-Z-A did it ever hit the spot.
#2 on our tasting adventure was a slice of Carrot Cake from Simply Sue's on Main Street here in town. It had been made in a jelly roll pan so it was thin BUT, they cut the sheet in half length-wise. Then they served a piece , probably, 2" wide and they piped a TON of cream cheese frosting on it. WHEW! Talk about a sugar rush! This was the moistest carrot cake I have ever had, and the cream cheese icing overwhelmed it. But, of course, Gene and I had to finish it, sweet or not :0}
#3 was a visit to Crazy Jake's, on Webster Street in North Tonawanda, for an order of BBQ Ribs. Again . . .SO GOOD. We think they the BBQ sauce was a bourbon based sweet sauce . . and the meat fell of the bone.
#4, back to the K of C for some Seafood Pasta Salad. Bow tie pasta, small ( but not the tiny) shrimp, crab meat (I think imitation crab, which I like a lot), celery, red/green & yellow peppers and I tasted some celery seed. Very refreshing.
When we left, we had 2 tickets left (tickets are $0.50 apiece and then each merchant assigns their samples anywhere from 1 to 6 tickets) so I got a Cheese Stuffed Fried Bologna "for the road."
We had fun, even though they get fewer and fewer participants each year. I hope the Chamber of Commerce can build it up for next year. So many eating establishments are members I would think they would all be there.
Okay, now for the squares. Here are the last squares I received. I don't have time, at the present, to link them to their patterns, but I will get that done in a day or two.
Circle of Friends

Octagonal Medallion

Love To Knit With My Friends
(If you look closely, you can read the 'Love To Knit" knitted into the square.)
Bobble Heart

The Masked Bologna Lover

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