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Monday, October 12, 2009


Overboard . . . . . I just LOVE the comic strip Overboard. No matter what iss going right, or wrong, in my life, Overboard makes me laugh.

For those of you who have never read an
Overboard strip, here is a little background Information:

is Chip Dunham's imaginative comic strip, a loopy look at old-fashioned pirates going through the motions in a modern world. They've got the hats, the swords, the ship, the talking dog, the non-talking dog, the sea monsters, of course, but they also have a very nice on-deck vegetable garden, blow-up baby pool, and barbecue grill.

Sure, there are dangerous confrontations and duels with pirate competitors and stowaway bunnies and mice, but mostly the bad boys play tricks on each other, slackers in the face of violence. When Overboard isn't a metaphor for everyman's quest to be a workplace deadbeat, it's just plain silly -- the good kind of silly.

Louie, the non-talking dog, Raymond, who talks, the capitain and Big Nate.

The captain, Louie (with his paws in the pool) and Raymond, the talking dog.

Below are Big Nate, one of the pirates from another ship and Louie . . the non-talking dog.


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