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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Have You Ever EATEN Welches Grape Juice that wasn't Frozen?

This past week we had a small arts & crafts/Farmers Market Festival in town. It was only about 1 block long but there were a lot of original art there . . . plus the great fall veggies from Kydd's Farm.

Last year we bought the WHITEST/HUGEST cauliflower from Kydds. I was hoping they would be there again this year with cauliflowers just as good as last year. I was lucky, they had them I should have taken a picture . . they were placed so they looked like giant white flowers on the end of their table. It as gorgeous. I was in "cauliflower" heaven.

Not only did we buy a cauliflower, we also bought a pie pumpkin (Yes, I am going to make a pumpkin pie from scratch this year. I have done it before anf it's easy . . but I lost that recipe so I will have too find another.) and CONCORD GRAPES. You know, the grapes that Welches make their grape juice from.

I have never eaten them before and the first grape took me back to my first communion at 9th Street Christian Church. It was unbelievable. I know that almost all of the grapes grown in the Southern Tier are concord that they grow for the local Welches plant . . . but I guess that I never thought that they were"eating" grapes. Was I ever surprised!

Once, when I was little, I drank a whole bottle of Welches Grape Juice. Mom said i wuld be sorry. I had no idea what she meant . . . but I soon found out. . . and our bathroom was upstairs and some of the trips (notice the s) were almost incomplete trips . . if you get my drift ;0}

So, I am practicing "safe graping" with these beauties.

The Green Giant's Purple Friend

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