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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Every Charm Has a Story

I have plans . . . GREAT plans.

I made this ring charm for Purse/Key as a gift for a friend and instantly fell in love with what it looked like. My plan is to start a series of these charms for close friends and family. If all goes well, and people want to buy them, the price will start at $25 for 10 charms and go up from there for any beads (like the pearls) and charms. Postage and handling will be added on.
Each "charm ring" made in this series will be custom made for the person. They will tell me the messages they want to convey and their color preference for beads and I will go from there. There will be multiple consultations along the way.

Here is the story for this ring. Start at the heart and go clockwise.

Heart ~ you hold a special place in my heart

Open Book with ABC ~ teaches/taught school

Oldster Angel ~ Everyone needs a guardian Angel, even we "oldsters."

Double Stars ~ You are a shining star in my world.

Apple ~ universal emblem for teachers

Winged Heart ~ parents are deceased

Heart Flag ~ served in military

Dog Bone ~ has dog

Glasses ~ wears/wore them

Mickey Mouse ~ has visited Disneyland/world

House ~ school house

Let me know what you think of them, please? Your feedback is very important to me.

Someone Who Needs To Create

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