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Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Swap Blocks . . Squares #12

All I am doing today is loading the pictures of the blocks I have sent (and maybe received) in the Ravelry, Vanna's Choice Fan Club group's "Play Misty for Me" Swap.

Lacy Cross
Rose of Sharon 43
Named after the person for which it was designed.
Pattern should be available soon.

Snowy Stripes

Summer Sun 7" Square (modified for 12")

Center Heart Square~
same pattern for the following two squares

Chocolate Box ~
same pattern for the following 2 squares

I will come back when I have time and provide links to the blocks so you can find them.

Waiting on Marilyn to Get Here

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  1. Thanks for sharing these, they are truly beautiful. We will be waiting here to see what you have next.


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