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Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Wonder

I jest read blog posts written by a Ravelry friend. She said she hadn't been around for a while and if we read her posts we would know. So, I went there and read, and read, and read, etc.

I knew something major was up from the tone of the posts . . a sad, woebegone, listless, grabbing at your heart feeling and then I found out, her boyfriend, who is from, and lived in, New Zealand (she is in the US) had unexpectedly died.

As I read her posts, my mind started to wander: if Gene dies before me, what will I be like? I keep thinking that I won't have to worry about this. His family, on both sides, have long life spans. Mine, late 70's is about it. So, being extremely self centered on this subject, I hope I am the first . . . butt then poor Gene will have to take me back to Logan by himself and leave me there when he comes back home to New York. I am sure that whichever one of us h as to make that trip, it will be the longest trip we will ever make home and back.

This Topic Has Made Me So Sad


  1. Gosh, that makes me sad, too, thinking about that poor girl. Tough enough to have a long-distance love like that, but then . . . well, that's just awful.

  2. He died three weeks after they found out that they are expecting a baby. That's not on her blog (yet).


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