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Monday, February 22, 2010


Hi, I'm Bobicus Maximus. I am the mascot for the Winter Ravelympics.

"You're a WINNER . . . Chicken for Dinner," as Bill Vernon would say . . and it is STILL one of my most favorite phrases to say

Yes, I have won a badge in the
Designer Original Dance event in Ravelympics!

This award is for a square I designed called
Rose of Sharon Part Deux.
The picture isn't that great.
To tell he truth, it isn't a pictuyre
it's a scan because I forgot to bring the camera to the basement
the day I needed the picture.

What is Ravelympics, you might ask?
an online knit and crochet community,
they stage the Ravelympics
during Winter and Summer Olympics.

Here is the main jist of the thing:
Some ravletes like to challenge themselves to do a whole sweater in the 17 days,
others like to do several smaller items.

I chose the several smaller items.
No need for anything major for e
but I did need quite a few smaller items
before the 1st week of March.

My choices were:
1. Cute as a Button Baby Hat
2. Babette Blanket
3. Baby Cardigan
4. Baby Surprise Jacket
5. Spud's Bunny
though not in that particuloar order.

Then, when the actual time came around
I threw in the Rose of Sharon Part Deux.
I know, I know . . .
it doesn't look anywhere near
a Rose of Sharon.
The name comes from the Ravelry member I made it for

I would have entered the
Rose of Sharon square that I had already made for Shar
but it was before the Olympics started
and that would have been illegal!

Of my choices for these Ravelympics,
here is what I have accomplished.
1. Cute as a Button Baby Hat  ~ DONE
2. Babette Blanket ~ 2 out of 7 sections DONE
3. Baby Cardigan ~ just started today
4. Baby Surprise Jacket~ need to buy bigger circular n eedles
5. Spud's Bunny ~ DONE

So, I guess pictures are called for.
Here is Indy modeling the Cute as a Button Hat:


Does her momma have a pretty baby or what?
If you check the link out
for the Cute as a Button Hat
you will notice that this one
looks NOTHING like it.

Well, you must remember
I haven't knitted anything for over 30 years.
The last thing I remeber knitting
was a baby sweater for my niece Alllison
when I was first teaching.

Also, I have never:
knit in the round
knit with small needles.
But, for making adjustments for these three problems
lost knitting skills
no knit in the round skills
and big hands
I think I did a pretty good job.

These are the beginning 2 sections
of my
at least 7 sections,
or maybe more depending on the time
Babette Baby Blanket.
If you want to see what an adult versin looks like
click this link.
They can be GORGEOUS!

Last, but not least,
I think,
Is Spud's Bunny.
I have posted it before
but will post again for this thread.

Perhaps by doing this
I will be able to keep myself straight
as to what I need to post
and what is already posted
when it comes to
Ravelympics Events.

One Ravthelet with Tired Hands

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  1. Wow, you're really trucking along at a fast clip, I love the hat!

    Thank you for the Sunshine award!!!! :)


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