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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Almost Easter

It's almost Easter at the Tooke Household.
I haven't made anything new for easter this year.
well, kinda,
but I can't find a picture of it
so I'm not going to claim it.

here is a look
at what came through
my hands
hooks last year.

Last year,
I was in the mood for Bunnies.
I designed the
washcloth on the left
for a friend's
60th birthday.
I named the Pattern"Oh No, There's a Hare in My Sink!"
It was going to be
"Gray Hare" but I liked the pink yarn better.

While still in the Bunny mode
I used the same basic Bunny,
doubled it
and came up with a potholder.
In the middle you will find the end results
for this pattern
"Bunnies in the Egg Garden."
So named
due to the bobbles on the edges
that resemble eggs.

I guess I did make a Bunny this year.

On the right is
Mr. Bunny B. Squared.
He is a 12" x 12" square
I made for an afghan.

I need to make another one
with a white bunny.
At the time Mr. Squared
was completed,
I was out of white.

And for one of my
favorite sets of pictures.
I would like to introduce you to
Miss Nosie,
better known in these parts as Nosebud.

I had made the easter Eggs,
for no real reason,
I just liked the idea,
and I had scraps of yarn
that reminded me of Easter.

To "store" them
what better to use than an egg carton.

Cool Idea, huh?

As you can see,
Miss Nosy had to check them out.
I swear,
ever since she was old enough
to wander away from her momma,
she has been "nosing" into everything.
So that 1st name choice
turned out to be just perfect for her.

More Easter to come in the Next Blog Post

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