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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Several weeks ago I found my "lost" Carina who lives in Aland which is a group of islands that belong to Finland.

Now, for complete honesty, she really wasn't lost . . . it's just that I had not heard from her in over a year . . . and neither had our mutual friend Ceri who likes in the UK

We had both sent things to her in the mail and had not heard from her. I think we both had sent her emails also. Still no luck. When someone you have met online disappears, some people don't worry, but Ceri and I did. Neither one of us had any idea who to contact and, to be perfectly honest, I didn't ant to in case I found out something horrible.

One day, I checked her Ravelry profile and saw that she had a blog. I clicked on it and, even though it was written in Swedish, I knew that the date was recent. I scanned it and actually made some sense out of it and left her a comment. I was SO EXCITED when I got an answer from her.

Today I went back and used Google to translate her blog. It was fun. . . some words translated well and others didn't which made it more fun to read.

Anyway, Carina is back, Ceri is happy with an unexpected pregnancy and I am the same as usual.

*All Is Right in The World*

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  1. I've recently reconnected with some dear people from way back when. Sometimes the internet drives me nuts, but this is actually a great thing about the net in my opinion... Glad all is right!

    Thank you for your kind comments left on my blog!

    Happy Thursday!


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