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Friday, March 5, 2010

Every Charm tells A Story

I just LOVE making these.
I wish I could make more for people.
Every time I start
on the Journey
of making a Story Charms
I find
that they become more complex.
I am not sure
if the story behind these charms
is longer
or if I
made them differently.
All I know
is that they fit closer together
and were harder to arrange for the picture.
Have I ever
written the full story
behind what the charms mean?
I don't think I have.
There are 24 Charms in this story.
I always give a copy of this
to the recipient
so they know what their story is.
"I Love You" Letter in Envelope
To remind you of your love for Jared
Angel, HOPE
The Guardian Angel of HOPE
Angel/Cherub with Bird in Hand
Guardian Angel of Children and Animals
Baby, Bib "Spit Happens"
Need I say more?
Baby, Cake
A reminder of your Baby Shower
Baby, Carriage/Buggy
Now you have another means of transportation at your house.
Baby, Rattle
Need I say more?
Baby, Rocking Horse
They ride their horses to far off places we have never dreamt of.
Baby, Shoe
Need I say more?
There will be something more forceful than a bell to wake you up now.
Someone new will be "KING of the CASTLE" from now on.
Heart, Large Blue "Milifiori"
You have a special place in my heart.
Heart, Open
Your heart is going to be opened up to so many new, exciting things.
Moon with Sleeping Baby
How soon with the baby sleep through the night?
Motor Cycle
Just a little something for Daddy.
Nest with Eggs
Your family is growing.
Prayer Box
Legend says you whisper your prayers into the box they go straight to God.
Spinning Ball
Represents a Globe . . . You will go to the "Ends of the Earth" for your child.
Star within a Star
You now have a NEW STAR in your world.
Keep this in your heart your whole life through
Word, "DREAM"
Keep this in your heart your whole life through
Word, "LOVE"
Keep this in your heart your whole life through
Word, "LOVE"/Heart
The Love in your Heart wasn't put there to stay, Love isn't love 'til it's given away.
Words, "WISH"
Charmed, I am sure :0}

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