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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Diners, Drive-In's and North Tonawanda

Friday Gene and I went out to eat.
Since his payday
isn't until this Wednesday, I think,
I told him I'd buy
but he had to choose the place.
(We are both so indecisive
when it comes to picking a place.)
Before he had chance to pick
I said,
"Pizza Junction."

Pizza Junction
was one of several Western New York
eateries featured on
Diners, Drive In's and Dives

When Marilyn and Pat were stopping here,
on their way to Stowe, VT. to ski,
she told me she had seen this episode of the show
and wanted to try their food.

Ask, and Ye Shall Receive!

Gene had been there before he came to Indiana
but we hadn't made it there yet
so I though it was a good idea.
It ended up being a GREAT IDEA!

We had a Supreme Pizza,
well, the 1/2 Gene and I ate was supreme,
Marilyn and at had just pepperoni on theirs.

To go along with this
we ordered 30 Raspberry BBQ Chicken Wings.
Gene an I had these at the Taste of Tonawanda
and fell in love with them.

Our love wasn't wasted,
Marilyn and Pat fell for them also.

I digress.

On Friday
we went about 4:00 pm,
(had to miss the GINORMOUS Lenten crowds in Western New York.)

We decided on
the Raspberry BBQ Wings,
and these two items that
were featured on DDD:
Stuffed Banana Peppers
A large banana pepper filled with our homemade pepper stuffing and pepperjack cheese.

Beef on Weck Pizza
Tender slow roasted beef with tomatoes & a horseradish sauce.

Instead of 1 Banana Pepper,
the appetizer came with two,
filling coming out of the top
and cubed tomato pieces sprinkles around the edges.
The stuffing reminded Gene and I
of a turkey style dressing
that had been put through a blender.
Real creamy and smooth.

The heat,
which was just right,
hit me at the top of the throat.
and for Gene,
it was the tip of the tongue.

Diced tomatoes were there
noy just for decoration
but to cool the heat
and they worked.
One bite of pepper
topped with a tomato piece.

The pizza was very interesting.
It is based on aWestern New York Favorite sandwich,
Beef on Weck.
(If yo uwere at our wedding reception,we served mini-versions of these.)
It looks more deep dish than not,
the crust has been rolled
with one of those things that makes prick marks in it
and covered with the horseradish sauce.

Next come the caraway seeds
which are spread all over the sauce.
(1st ingredient needed to "weck" a bun.)
Follow this with the Beef
and top with the cheese.

The final "Beef on Weck" flavor
comes from the Kosher salt that goes on the edge of the crust.
(Ingredient #2 to "weck" a bun.")

To Quote Rachel Ray

The wings
were as delicious as the 1st time we tasted them.

for the
we had
2 pieces of pizza
and 22 wings left over
As a matter of fact,
as I type,
they are being reheated.

I must finish
and get ready for supper.

Now I have Eaten at Two DDD Eateries

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